Living democracy - The European tour through NRW

Discussion format with fictional and real characters

In the course of the elections to the Council of Europe, the Brachland-Ensemble accompanied the "Living Democracy" tour of the Centre for Civic Education of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia with actions in public space.


Concept Dominik Breuer, Gunnar Seidel, Maria Isabel Hagen
with Katja Zinsmeister, Anika Pinter, Sophie Bartels, Maria Isabel Hagen, Dominik Breuer, Gunnar Seidel, Simon Rußig

About the project

Like 2017 with the "Living Democracy - The Tour through NRW", the Brachland-Ensemble accompanied the Centre for Civic Education of the state of NRW at 20 events in public space in the run-up to the 2019 elections to the Council of Europe.

Once again, the top priority was to establish contact with passers-by through playful elements in order to initiate a more in-depth discussion.

Talk with Character

Among other things, Dominik Breuer developed a 1:1 format, which gave a playful level to a discussion of complex topics: Embodying well-known real and fictional characters, he involved citizens in an extensive and entertaining dialogue. The format "Talk with Character" gives citizens the opportunity to talk about current issues with well-known personalities such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Kemal Atatürk, Pippi Longstocking or even the EU in person. Those who dared to discuss with Steve Jobs about the Financial Transaction Tax or Cersei Lannister about human rights were rewarded with unusual perspectives.

Project description of the Center for Civic Education of the state of NRW

Democracy is both a form of government and an attitude. "Living Democracy" means preserving human dignity, mutual respect, tolerance, diversity, participation and appreciation of peaceful conflict resolution. Especially in view of the history of European unification, appreciation should be the language in which we communicate about Europe.

Under the motto "You are Europe - Take the first step", the campaign "Living democracy - The European tour through NRW" aims to promote and inspire enthusiasm for the basic values of our coexistence and democracy in Europe. The Center for Civic Education of the state of NRW was on tour in a bus from 29 April 2019 to 26 May 2019. On board: the analogue Wahl-O-Mat to be glued on for the European elections.

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