you bet!

You bet!

An interactive parlor game with prejudice

You think you know your way around the neighborhood? You know what your neighbors think? You're on!


Concept Maria Isabel Hagen / Dominik Breuer
With Dominik Breuer, Maria Isabel Hagen, Simon Russig
Cooperation partner Willi-Eichler-Bildungswerk with the support of the Center for Civic Education of the state of NRW

About the project

On 6 July 2019 we will put your assessment to the test at the Kalk Fest. We interview residents in Kalk, test their reactions in small test arrangements and stream them live on stage via video. Are the people from Kalk helpful? How many of them smile back when one smiles at them? You think you know the answers? Then place your bet and clean up. Your stake? Your commitment. We're not betting money, we're betting your skills and your engagement. Win the support of Kalker initiatives and personalities and bet on your willingness to actively participate.