Do it!

Do it!

Partially animated online video series on
"practical possibilism"

16 partially animated videos form the „Archive of practical possibilism“ on the Homepage of our cooperation partner State Center for Political Education NRW and are made available there free of charge as best practice guidelines (not only) for schools and educational initiatives.


Concept Dominik Breuer, Felix Kramer, Gunnar Seidel
Animation Felix Kramer
Speaker Maria Isabel Hagen
Editorial work at the state center Marielle Ratter, Dr. Philipp Sanke, Jonas Israel
Cooperation State Center for Political Education NRW
Thanks to Morgane de Toeuf, Simone Dreger (, Students of the Nuremberg University of Music

About the project

In 2017, with the support of the NRW State Center for Political Education, we formulated , as part of the international research on Revolution: Everything will be fine!, the conpect of „practical possibilism“. The core idea is that every person has their own individual interests and therefore their own skills and these should be used specifically to solve problems in order to achieve the greatest possible personal and societal benefit. We have now summarized our experiences and the insights we gained from them in 16 partially animated videos. These are now available in the form of an “Archive of Practical Possibilism”,Homepage of our cooperation partner LZpB NRW published and made available free of charge as a best practice guide (not only) for schools and educational initiatives.