I spy

I spy, with my little eye

dance theater

Written truth. Dance theatre. A study about perception and playing with reality. "I spy, with my little eye" was created in the scope of the residence in the Orangerie Theater im Volksgarten, Cologne.


Concept and direction Dominik Breuer
Choreography Morgane de Toeuf
Dramaturgy Eric Rentmeister
with Morgane de Toeuf

Cooperation Orangerie Theater im Volksgarten, Cologne

About the project

When I see something then it is there. Or is it only what I want to see? Or am supposed to see? We see everything from a certain point of view, just a small part, like looking trough a key hole. Still we extrapolate from it to the whole picture. In this production the Brachland-Ensemble commits itself to the term “reality” and let the audience look through the key hole, and then opens the door.

Today we experience overstimulation and -information already at an early age. Environment and media tell us how the world “is”. But nobody explains us how to filter and evaluate the things we see to then take a stand.
We do know that we shouldn't believe all that we see on TV. But many, especially young viewers, accept the scripted “documentations” as accurate pictures of the real world.

A dance theatre to look closely. A study about perception and playing with reality. A training for the eyes. A play about respnsibility.

That is a part of our reality of life, too, that is reflected here.

Anke Schäferkordt (former CEO of RTL)

Except from news you can script everything these days.” Günter Stampf producer.

Günter Stampf – producer "Die Schulermittler"