Two Faces

Two Faces

Videoinstallation and performance

A project with pupils of the Hauptschule im Hederichsfeld in cooperation with Junges Theater Leverkusen about potentials and prejudices.


Concept Dominik Breuer
Cooperation Junges Theater Leverkusen
Funding Rotary Club Leverkusen-Opladen

About the project

Who am I? Who am I supposed to be? What can I achieve? What is expected from me?

Questions, asked especially by young people, that are close to their graduation. To find the own way after school is hard for every teenager. A successful start into work life is even spoiled for pupils of a secondary school, just for coming from that school. Societal prejudices and the tough job market situation enhance this disadvantage. It seems as if graduating from a secondary school is a dead end street with no turning. The young people are without hope or perspective, and often have no idea how to find a place in this difficult situation.
So much for the popoular opinion.

Thanks to the support of the Rotary Club Leverkusen, Junges Theater Leverkusen and the Brachland-Ensemble developed a project, showing that every coin has two sides – at least.

For six months Dominik Breuer led the elective subject “theatre” at the Hauptschule im Hedrichsfeld. Starting from the question “What is it that I (don't) want?” the young pupils dealt with their own personality and expressed it in a walkable installation and also in artistic short films. During one evening the viewer gets a deep insight into the fears, hopes and potentials of an underestimated generation.