About the desire to obey and the everyday life in serfdom.


Premiere Jan 23, 2014, Kulturhaus Dock 4, Kassel
Concept and direction Gunnar Seidel, Dominik Breuer
Performance (changing) Gunnar Seidel, Dominik Breuer, Maria Isabel Hagen, Milan Pesl, Eric Rentmeister, Irina Ries
Promoted by the city of Kassel and the HMWK

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About the project

The starting point for the performance "Dictate" is the observation of widespread instructional structures and paternalism in both public and private life.
Dominik Breuer and Gunnar Seidel first collected imperatives in their environment: in memories of their parents, in the kindergarten, at school, at government offices, on the Internet, as well as in interpersonal relationships, and supplemented the resulting text material with further fictitious instructions.

A gives B commands

In the course of the performance, the pleasure of commanding and the self-evident nature of obedience is intensified with a simple theatrical exercise: A gives B commands, which B immediately executes. When does the theatrical play stop and a real humiliation perhaps begin?


Photos: Brachland-Ensemble