The Curiosity of Brain

Physical Theatre

"The Curiosity of Brain" is an imaginative brain research, a mixture of physical theatre and animated film. With this project based on scientific results from neurology, the Brachland-Ensemble embarks on a journey into the interior of the protagonist's brain.


Premiere 28 May 2015
Director Dominik Breuer
Dramaturgy and video Gunnar Seidel
Animations Felix Kramer
With Dominik Breuer

Cooperation Media Project Center Kassel
Funding Hessian Ministry for Science, Art and Culture Kassel
Thanks to Kulturhaus Dock 4, Kulturfabrik Salzmann, Lebenshilfe Region Kassel

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About the project

One thinks. Some say too much. Brian, by nature, sees things differently because he's looking for answers. He's looking for the one answer. Driven by what's happening in the world - communicated daily by newspapers, television, the Internet. Meanwhile somewhere in his brain stem: "Brain" - a kind of worker between the synapses - meets an indefinable impulse. Curiosity leads him on a hunt into the unexplored regions of a dreamlike and strange world. And while "Brain" ventures into the depths of the subconscious, Brian hopes fervently for the urgently needed flash of inspiration.

The development of the play is based on the question how our brain behaves in the face of the increasing flood of information? Why do we decide on something and why do we simply drop some great ideas?


Photos: Brachland-Ensemble

Press comment

The intelligent, well thought-out staging [...] with great video installations by the student Felix Kramer makes the play a small, grandiose theatrical event [...]
(HNA, Kassel)