Walk the line

Walk the Line

Walk-in democracy

On the occasion of Federal President Frank Walter Steinmeier's visit to Krefeld in spring 2019, the Brachland-Ensemble developed an interactive course, a "walk-in agora* ".


Concept Dominik Breuer
with Anika Pinter, Irina Ries, Julia Opitz, Milan Pesl, Maria Isabel Hagen, Dominik Breuer
Cooperation Samtweberei/Demokratiewerkstatt Krefeld, Center for Civic Education of the state of NRW

About the project

On the trail of democracy in the district. How can we discover ways to convince more people to participate and encourage them to get involved? How do we get into conversation with other committed people from other cities? With people who already have ideas or are looking for them? How do we manage to initiate encounters, generate common ideas and visions in the district that encourage and enable joint action? Democracy must be experienced and shaped particularly in everyday life in our places of residence, in our spaces.

Besuch des Bundespräsidenten

On the occasion of the visit of Federal President Frank Walter Steinmeier to Krefeld in spring 2019, the Brachland-Ensemble developed an interactive course, a "walk-in agora", in which initiatives, organisations and representatives from politics and civil society not only informed about their work, but in which citizens, alone or in groups, were able to contribute their own skills and develop unusual problem-solving approaches within the framework of specially developed game arrangements.

This workshop day was attended by citizens of civil society from all over NRW, active members of district projects and democracy workshops, political educators and politicians, in order to search for new ways and to inspire each other.

*The Agora

In ancient Greece, the Agora was the central festival, assembly and market place of a city. As a place of popular and judicial assemblies and general exchange, it played an outstanding role in the orderly coexistence of the community.