Living Democracy - The Tour through NRW

Actions to create dialogue

In the course of the NRW state parliamentary elections, the Brachland-Ensemble accompanied the "Living Democracy" tour of the Centre for Civic Education of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia with actions in public space.


Conzept Dominik Breuer, Gunnar Seidel, Maria Isabel Hagen
with Katja Zinsmeister, Anika Pinter, Sophie Bartels, Maria Isabel Hagen, Dominik Breuer, Gunnar Seidel, Simon Rußig

About the project

As part of the research for "Revolution: Everything will be fine!", the Brachland-Ensemble accompanied the Center for Civic Education of the state of NRW at 20 events in public space. The top priority was to establish contact with passers-by through playful elements in order to initiate a more in-depth discussion. The research focused on the question: What do you have to be able to do to make the world a better place? A simple question that evoked complex conversations: What does "improve" mean? Improve in what sense? What does "can" mean? Do I as a single person have any influence at all on the fate of the world? On which world at all? The whole world? My world?

Project description of the Center for Civic Education

Democracy is both a form of government and an attitude. A basic democratic attitude is characterized by the preservation of human dignity, mutual respect, tolerance, diversity, participation and appreciation of peaceful conflict resolution.

This attitude is currently being questioned in parts of our society. Rejection, scepticism, exclusion and anger characterise the mood there.

The campaign "Living Democracy - The Tour through NRW" took up this mood and sought to talk to many people in the state in order to inspire enthusiasm for democracy. From 24 April until the end of October 2017, the multimedia campaign bus was on the road throughout the state. Around the bus there were citizen discussions, theatre performances and many interactive games. Before the state and federal elections, the "Wahl-O-Mat" was on board.