Casting Culture

Casting Culture

Online role play

Casting Culture was created as part of "Touchscreen", an umbrella project of the Brachland-Ensemble supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste, under which several formats of digital participation were created. In cooperation with the Bavarian State Center for Political Education the interactive performance addresses structural discrimination and makes it possible to experience it in a playful way.


Concept Dominik Breuer
with Mariann Yar, Hasan Tasgin, Dominik Breuer
Dramaturgy Gunnar Seidel
Production Julia Opitz
Consulting Emek Sarigül, Johannes Uschalt (BLpB)

Cooperation Bavarian State Center for Political Education
Fundings Performing Arts Fund funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as part of NEUSTART KULTUR

About the project

Due to a controversial commercial and an accompanying global shitstorm, the white, male, inheriting, powerful, from an academic family, healthy, privately insured, heterosexual, Catholic, married and graduated CEO Peter decides to use the commission from an ominous client to produce a commercial to rehabilitate the image of the advertising agency. Diverse, to the point, the egg-laying wool-milk sow of the open society message. To this end, not only is a corresponding cast to be cast, but the agency team is also to be given a new top management team. A personality who stands for the company's new image and not only implements the new principles, but also lives them. Ten applicants were selected to go through a multi-stage application process. Everyone gets the same chance. Because performance should count, nothing else. May the better ones win.