revolution: everything will be fine!

An international play development about "practical possibilists" and the question "who gives our society the impulse to change things for the better?"

In cooperation with the Regional Centre for Political Education NRW, the Theater Aachen and Tafelhalle Nuremberg.

Sponsored by the Cultural Unit Nuremberg, the Hessian Ministry for Science and Art, the Cultural Department Kassel, Kulturhaus Dock 4, the Zeitlehren Foundation, Sebastian Cobler Foundation and Doris Wuppermann Foundation.

The project got an ideational „Letter of Support“ from the German UNESCO Commission.

„It is a cold, sober fact, that the world is becoming a better place. It is easy to be cynical and to assend, nothing is getting better. Fortunately empiric research proves them wrong. The world is much more moldable than you think: And the world ism waiting for you, hammering it into the right form.“
Max Roser, Universität Oxford

everything will be fine!

A daring thesis in view of the current world situation? The Brachland- Ensemble will substantiate it with facts and stories. In a world-wide research we will look for visionaries and role models. In the context of a documentary and poetic created production we will bring them on stage – live via Skype.
What is taken for granted today, was a far utopia for our grandparents. Most europeans, who are in their retirement age today, belong to the first generation that experienced peace, liberty and prosperity as a permanent condition. Nevertheless we apparently remain in love with the Apocalypse. On the front pages of the past decades the clock always showed 5 to 12. Bad news are good news. Studies indicate that it came to an increasing „collusion of the journalistic event horizon“
in the world of news. “. Social media contribute to the emergence of downright „alarm-tsunamis“. Soon
afterwards the wave of outrage breaks, people start to forget. What remains is a feeling of uncertainty and that somehow everything becomes even worse. But what if the panorama window to the world that we can see through, is just a keyhole to a world which is much better as we might know?


The Brachland Ensemble encourages to ask 'What can one person do? What do you need to have, to improve the world?
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Dominik Breuer and Gunnar Seidel of the Brachland Ensemble don't put up tangled gooder claims, don't place christian glimps of hope, no, they searched and found: the good, that does not find a place in the evenigs' picture storm of violence. […] Poetic, shrill, humorous, radically un-radical – with their playful-rapid documentary style they transform the stage into a cabinet of marvelling, into a wondrous zoetrope, that is powered by empathy and whose pictures show a contagious curiosity and openness. Predicate valuable!
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In cooperation with the Brachland Ensemble, the Tafelhalle Nuremberg and the Regional Center for Political Education NRW, the Theater Aachen brings the good in the world on stage: documentary, playful, experimentally interactive, having countless facts, numbers and examples. […] A night, that moves, surprises and inspires. Most of all it is full of stories and images you won't forget easily.
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