Morgane de Toeuf

Morgane de Toeuf, born in 1987, was raised in Belgium and received her basic dance training in different schools around Brussels.

In 2004 she took her first steps on a professional stage with the choreographer Matteo Molles in “OXO” a piece for young dancers that was presented in a Belgian Festival.

From 2005 to 2008 she joined the Geneva Junior Ballet directed by Patrice Delay and Sean Wood. There she received intense technical training and worked with many choreographers from the Swiss and international scene, such as Patrick Delcroix, Laura Tanner, Gilles Jobin, Ken Ossola, Nicolas Cantillon & Laurence Yadi, Pascal Gravat & Prisca Harsch, Jozsef Trefeli.

In July 2008 Morgane signed her first contract with the TanzCompagnie Gießen (Germany) directed by Tarek Assam, where she stayed for three years. Besides from the works of Tarek Assam, she could be seen in choreographies from David Williams, Philip Taylor, Mirko Hector, Leszek Stanek, Melanie Clarke and Massimo Perugini among others.

Since Summer 2011 she has been freelancing in Cologne. First in “Contrast Ratio” from Massimo Gerardi (, then as a dancer and choreographic assistant for Guido Markowitz and Tarek Assam (Schritt.Art Company) in “Human Zoo”. Aside from dance, Morgane’s interest in choreography and acting has been growing over the past few years.

She also works as choreographer. Her input as movement teacher in 2010 had high value for the production “Lysitrata” of the 'Jugendclub Spieltrieb', Gießen.

From 2013 – 2016 she worked as the choreography assistant of Nanine Linning in Heidelberg. 2017 she started studying natural scienes in Brussels.