Gunnar Seidel

Gunnar Seidel (born 1982 in Bremerhaven) is a freelancing actor, performer and director, living in Nuremberg. Throughout Germany he works in independent projects as well as at city and state theatres. After a european voluntary service in Genua, Italy, he studied rhetorics from 2002 till 2003 in Tübingen and acting from 2003 till 2007 at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hannover. During his studies he brought off his first directing project, played at the Schauspielhaus Hannover as well as in Hamburg in projects of Nina Mattenklotz and Felix Rothenhäusler, 2007 to 2010 he was working at the Stadttheater Gießen, besides the regular theatre business he initiated projects with pupils and the Jugendclub Gießen.


After his employment and an internship with Michael Thalheimer at the Schauspiel Frankfurt in 2011, he was guest actor at Theater Aalen, Stadttheater Gießen, Theater Paderborn, Staatstheater Kassel as well as in productions with Ana Zirner (satellit production, Munich) and Playground Disaster Inc. (Nuremberg). Since 2015 he works on a regular basis with the performance collective Pandora Pop (Munich) and in independent prductions at the Tafelhalle Nuremberg – as actor as well as director – i.e. with Katja Kendler and also with the choreographer Alexandra Rauh the dance performances “Tabula Rasa”, “Trigger” and “Morph!”.


Gunnar Seidel is always looking for new focal points on implementation that reflect his range of interest. Therefore grew, next to acting and performance, a new focus on “Video and New Media”. He initiates visual concepts with smartphones, video mapping and live video.


Since fall 2017 Gunnar Seidel has a lectureship for scenic-dramatic classes at the College for Music Nuremberg, in the department singing / music theatre.