Falling in love

Solo about the controlled falling in love between performer and audience

In "Falling in love", Gunnar Seidel uses his theater biography and fictional elements to strike a balance between the predictability of love and the contradictory desire for the greatest possible authenticity.


Premiere Nov 29 2018, Tafelhalle Nuremberg
Directed by Maria Isabel Hagen
DramaturgyLisa-Marie Radtke
Stage and costume Maria Pfeiffer
ProductionJulia Opitz, Annemarie Schorcht
Assistance Thomas Kraft

Co-production Tafelhalle Nuremberg
Supported by the Art and Culture Foundation of the Nürnberger Nachrichten, the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art and the Cultural Office Kassel.

About the project

In the course of this evening you will fall in love with me.

Love is said to be unpredictable, random, even magical. One suddenly desires "where love falls" and seems unable to force it. This strong feeling often leaps from the stage into the audience as a spark. At Beatles performances, women fainted in rows, teenagers of the 1990s wanted to go to their deaths with Kurt Cobain, so to speak, and today both men and women languish for Angelina Jolie or Patrick Dempsey as "Sexiest Woman/Man Alive".

But what does this type of lover actually have to do on stage, or what does he have to be like for you to fall in love with him? In a play, the plot of the plot may provide for the characters to fall in love with each other - but how does the audience fall in love with the protagonist?

In the uncanny, because calculating attempt to get to the bottom of this magic, we claim that all it takes is the right strategy to evoke a certain feeling.


Photos: Sebastian Autenrieth