Animals of the night

Drama / Dance / Video

Animals of the Night is an atmospherical, pictorial play with elements of contemporary dance. The two actors move in a parallel cinematic world and interact with characters added by video.


Concept and direction Gunnar Seidel
with Jan Bobke, Katrin Banse
Videos Jan Riesenbeck
Music Brice Deloose
Assistance Felix Kramer
In further roles (video) Bernd Hölscher, Björn Bonn, Valeska Weber, Astrid Weigel, Karin Zeumer, Benjamin Türk, Jakob Briehle, Tim Tölke, Axel Garbelmann, Odilie Kennerknecht, Dominik Breuer, Manfred Zalfen, Dirk Böttcher, Lara Gesell, Nelly Heyer, Carola Welter, Nikolay Sidorenko, Sophia Dobers

Cooperation Lebenshilfe Region Kassel
Funding City of Kassel, Hessian Ministry for Science and Art, Aktion Mensch

About the project

Clyde meets a strange woman who is haunted by her past. They go on a imaginative trip and leave a bloody trace behind. At the end he founds himself in court, she is gone. Or didn't she exist at all?

Animals of the Night gets his main influence, in terms of content and aesthetics, from the media film, as well as dance and physical theatre. Firstly from the classical road- and buddy-movie, the modern hero's journey. Aesthetically mainly from the works of Jean-Pierre Jeunet as well as the movie The Cost of Living of the british physical theatre company DV8, both being close to the circus, a colourful, fantastic but sometimes threatening world.


Photos: Olga Holzschuh