Solo performance in an elevator

The solo performance deals with the questions of proximity and border crossing.


Premiere Nov. 2013
Concept and direction Maria Isabel Hagen
with Irina Ries

About the project

In the cramped atmosphere of an elevator, the actress Irina Ries talks about the minor and major crises, anecdotes and mere thoughts in her life. While she shakes her long hair in a minimum of space, she reports on the effectiveness of a lice control remedy, or discusses with the audience peculiarities of her body.

I love these days when it is no longer really warm but cool and foggy. That's the right time of year for the onion look, and there are such fantastic colours in autumn, purple, for example. It's not really mine but a friend of mine recently left a skirt here that fitted me and since then I have a lot of purple in my wardrobe. This is not a real wardrobe, I have compartments and a curtain in front of them. My mother made it when she was pregnant with my older brother who now lives in Cologne.