the things around us

Performative Speech Concert

On stage are three performers and the three-piece band "Caro Kiste Kontrabass" from Kassel. The performance is based on surveys and collections of things that will be listed and staged on this evening.


Premiere Dec 03 2015, Kulturhaus Dock 4, Kassel
Concept and direction Gunnar Seidel
assistant and piano Felix Kramer
Performers Eva Kessler, Dominik Breuer, Tim Tölke
Musicians Carolin Werner, Axel Garbelmann, Harald Bernstein
Funding City of Kassel, Hessian Ministry for Science and Art

About the project

What are your five favorite things? How many things do you need? What would you like? What could you never part with? What would you never leave behind in a burning house? What is the most absurd thing? What is the cruelest thing? Based on questions like these, the band "Caro Kiste Kontrabass" and the Brachland-Ensemble made lists of everything they surround themselves with every day. In addition, more than 200 respondents gave information about their favourite things.

The performative speech concert "The things around us" emerged from this wealth of text. Focusing on live music, sounds and speech, the evening invites the audience to critically question the self-evident nature of all the things around us and to lose themselves in the sound of things.


Photos: Gunnar Seidel