dance performance and installation


Concept and direction Dominik Breuer
Choreography Morgane de Toeuf
*with Morgane de Toeuf

About the project

BLINDER: ME!? is the third production of the Brachland Ensemble and was developed especially for the AlleswastanztGipfel in Cologne. Based on the BLINDER production, this production is divided into two parts: A five-hour improv-installation, in which the dancer mirrors the audience and further develops the impressions through dance - a creature without an identity of its own, a mirror being - this installation continues on stage within the framework of a choreography, the discovery of an own self.

BLINDER: ME!? was selected for the ALLESWASTANZT RESIDENCE PROGRAMME for young choreographers at the ALLESWASTANZT GIPFEL #3 on September 17th, 2011 in raum13 (Cologne). Reason:

Lovingly composed installation that evokes associations in the visitor across generations, in order to show later on stage with Morgane de Toeuf a dancer who loves each and every one of her movements and makes the audience sympathetic.