strangers in babylon

Video installation and exhibition

22 videos to the situation of unescorted juvenile refugees in Bremerhaven. In cooperation with the Initiative Jugendhilfe Bremerhaven e. V.


Concept and video Dominik Breuer, Gunnar Seidel

Cooperation Initiative Jugendhilfe Bremerhaven e.V.
Thanks to Offener Kanal Bremerhaven

About the project

The hardest thing is... to stay in this house and beeing fed... while you know that you would have the strength to work for yourself, for your money, for your life.

Due to the support of the chairman of the Initiative Jugendhilfe Bremerhaven e. V. Uwe Säuberlich, Dominik Breuer and Gunnar Seidel got the possibility to live in a living facility of the "Jugendhilfe" (July 1 to 31, 2011), together with unescorted juvenile refugees (UJR) - exclusively young men mainly from the west african coast. This special situation granted an intensive insight into the present life of the UJR in Bremerhaven.

Besides documentary videos of the everyday life and interviews with the UJR, as well as employees of the Jugendhilfe, fictional short clips were shot. The subjective view of the project isn't concealed at all. On the contrary: video diaries include us in this special documentation as well as the others.

You know … in Africa we're calling Europe 'Babylon'.


Photos: Dominik Breuer / Gunnar Seidel