All that out there

All that out there

Performative audio walk in German non-places.
In Cooperation with UrbanLAB Nüremberg.

Located somewhere between performance, audio walk and spoken word concert, ALL DAS DA DRAUSSEN explores "non-places" in German city centers, starting with the Königstorpassage at Nuremberg Central Station. The mere listing of all the perceptible things, objects and buildings in public space serves as a starting point. What do the things that we buy, use, consume, consume, create and destroy every day say about us? Are we the things around us?

About the project

ALL THAT OUT THERE is an inventory, a list of all that is objectively perceptible, a sermon, a suffering and celebration and vomiting, a search on the edge of fascination for people, always located in ambivalence, never judgmental, rather joyfully observing, but precise and incisive. The term "non-place" comes from the French anthropologist Marc Augé. The difference to "place" is the lack of history, relation and identity, as well as a communicative neglect. The team approaches these non-places and the people in them with all their things in a sensitive, critical, ironic and thoughtful way.

The project spans from the past to the present to the year 2035 and, together with UrbanLAB, asks: What if? What things will surround us? What can we do without? Which things will become a new matter of course or a necessity?

At the beginning, the audience receives wireless headphones through which they can hear the audio level of the performance. The non-place becomes a stage, passers-by become extras. After the starting point at the Künstlerhaus, the performance takes place mainly in the Königstorpassage and ends at Klarissenplatz at the UrbanLAB installation.



Premiere 24. March 2023; weitere Termine
Conzcept, Directing Gunnar Seidel
With Salome Kehlenbach / Sarah Plattner, Jakob Jokisch, Dominik Breuer
Sounds Brice Deloose
Production Julia Opitz

In Cooperation with UrbanLAB Nürnberg, Künstlerhaus Nürnberg, Kulturbahnhof Kassel

Fundings Cultural Department of the City of Nuremberg, the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art and the Bavarian Association of Independent Performing Arts.